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¿How do we use our brains?

Cognitive skills

Less than 40% of the workforce has critical thinking skills, according to the global study conducted by Payscale in 2016 with 63,924 human resource managers

Divergent creativity

Only 2% of people in the world deploy their creativity effectively according to Ken Robinson’s study for the British government with more than 200.000 people worldwide

Problem solving

In the same study conducted by Payscale (2016), 60% of managers claimed that new graduates do not have good critical thinking and problem solving skills

Our core purpose

Creating a mentally literate world

Enable the core thinking skills of people and organizations, including critical thinking, creativity and problem solving, by teaching how to use our brains via our learning journeys.

Develop global thinking leaders

Mentor, guide, nurture and create global thinking leaders who will become our most valuable asset for spreading the knowledge and practice of Global Mental Literacy.

Our Faculty

Raymond Keene

Raymond Keene

Chairman and professor

Raymond D. Keene (OBE) is considered one of the best UK chess players. He is the co-founder of the World Memory Championships and an expert in Memory and how chess relates to developing the mind.
Dominic O'Brien

Dominic O'Brien


Dominic is one of the most renowned authorities in Memory around the world. He is the eight times World Memory Champion and has published numerous books on the subject.
Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan

Dean Faculty and professor

The late Tony Buzan was the inventor of Mind Mapping, which is used by more than 250 million people around the world. He is our inspiration for propelling his vision for creating a mentally-literate world.

Jorge Castaneda

Jorge Castaneda

CEO and professor

Dr. Castaneda is the inventor of the FISHER methodology for applied creativity and Root Cause Systemic mapping for problem solving. He has conducted seminal research in memory and multiple intelligences.
Chris Day

Chris Day


Chris Day is the General Secretary of the World Memory Sports Council and has been a part of the sport for over twenty years.

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Monthly Webinars

Join our webinars conducted by our faculty and gain access to World-Class knowledge.

Learning Journeys

The learning journeys are divided into three categories (Thinking Skills, Creativity and Learning) and three tiers by category. The second tier of each category comprises an advanced program / certification as a user of the methodologies. The third tier includes the certification as instructor. Participants who complete this degree become official instructors of the World Brain Academy.





Foundation Course

Learn how to acquire the key competencies of critical thinking, problem solving and other core thinking skills.


Foundation Course

Understand how to unleash your creative potential by learning key techniques that use the brain in the way it is supposed to be used.


Learning Fundamentals

Understand the process of “learning how to learn” and discover how you could learn any skill or knowledge for a lifetime.

Thinking Mastery Program

Become a Thinking Master by learning and practicing advanced thinking techniques and the process for building an intelligent memory.

Certification in Applied Creativity

Become certified in applied creativity and formulate projects, guided by our expert mentors, for generating significant returns on investment.

Learning How to Learn Program

Become certified in “learning how to learn” and apply this process in your organization or personal life though a world-class framework.

Thinking skills Instructor

Become a licensed instructor in Thinking Skills and its core methodologies, such as Mind Mapping, and offer courses and workshops to your clients.

Applied Creativity Instructor

Become a licensed instructor in Applied Creativity and offer workshops, courses and consulting services to your clients.

Learning How to Learn Instructor

Become a licensed intructor in Learning How to Learn and offerworkshops, courses and consulting services to your clients.

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